Lucid Dreaming Immersion

Lucid dreaming is a remarkable thing. It is a direct experience that you must see for yourself before you truly know what it feels like. The practice of lucid dreaming can lead to deep experiences and realization in the dreaming, dreamless sleep, and waking states. How deep you take it as a tool of contemplation and self cultivation is up to you but it can be a very spiritual practice.

One of the best ways to learn or improve lucid dreaming is by taking a set amount of time to completely immerse yourself in certain practices. The Lucid Dreaming Immersion method takes an integrative approach that simultaneously honors ancient spiritual wisdom and 21st century scientific knowledge. This video was made in support of helping to get this method out there as much as possible. Ryan Hurd has taught many people to lucid dream and to overcome their deepest fears and nightmares through his writing and courses.


Independent Feature Film: “In Sanity”

John Merritt becomes more and more isolated as he is haunted in his apartment by an unknown presence. Serious problems arise when the spirit turns malicious and refuses to leave him alone. As he is pushed to his very limits John must figure out if his torment is all in his head or if it is all too real. Either way he is the only one who can put an end to it and find out the real reason behind it all.

“In Sanity” is an ultra low budget, experimental, and stylized completely one man feature length movie that was originally shot in its entirety with a camera phone. This film was made as a therapeutic tool for dealing with existential crisis through a creative outlet. It was just as much a study in framing (or re-framing) self cultivation as it was in independent filmmaking.  The former was perhaps more effective than the latter but in any event here it exists in its digital video form.