It might be nice
To understand this zeitgeist

Leading to non-action

Need not haste
Consume with one taste

Patience it takes
To transform fate

Is there free will?
I do not know still

There is concentration
Whether or not there is participation

When in the flow
There is no separation in that zone

Nothing to oppose
Not even from those

Who lash out and control
Just moderation of childish trolls

To be truly mature
Is to be sure

Of the stillness within
This chaotic din

White noise
Does not affect your poise

Keep your focus
On the ephemeral locus

Become aware
Of the awareness there

Only then we are free
Even emptiness becomes emptied

What you are
Is not far

Always there
Take care

To remember
Silence amidst the tremors

It all centers around you
Take the cue

It is not the ego
That we go deeper into

The witness
Of the litmus

Tests all things
Before it brings

Itself back
Retracing the tracks

The breadcrumbs
Lead one to succumb

There is no zeitgeist
Just frightened mice

In a golden cage
They eat and engage

Trapped in their form
Only option is to conform

Until an anomalous
Event causes us

To vent it all
Your original name is called


Invisible warrior

Nameless wanderer

You are what you were before you were born: the quiet before the storm.


ROMANCE RONIN (free verse poem)

“I wish you well,” she said. “But don’t talk to me ever again.” What the hell? The darkest note in the heartstrings for me, such a painful misery.

“How can one wish well and also completely reject?” I think to myself. Can’t I start over and reset? Hypocrisy for her to say that. She walked all over me like a mat and then pretended to act like a dainty lady, a princess of the manor who possesses perfect manners.

What?! You cannot block out or block an account, and still think you are being nice. Why pick a fight? Don’t you get the gist? You. Are. A. Narcissist!

What the hell do you do when you’re in a bad mood then? Delusion to think that you are in collusion with being mature. How can you be so sure? You spit on me from your princess balcony and then have the audacity to say to me that I’m a nice guy. Why in the world should I accept that? Why?

Whatever. It stings but will be all for the better. Once I shirk these fetters there will be no hurt again ever.

If to only be there now, but how? Hard to not make a distinction when the instinct is to not be alone. Difficult to not groan, when I take a blow to the gut. One heavy punch and I’m back in the rut.

I am such a mutt. A mix of so many things. They all ring inside of what I am. Time though now to take a stand. To see what is “out there” as empty and to feel what is “in here” as not heavy. It is light, a perfect concentration. Yeah, that will save me.

Then immune to the harpies’ call I will be. No lovely tune could seduce me, not possibly.  I could look and see the beautiful wings and features of certain creatures without any need. Why be devoured by their teeth?

The truth is that you are just as ugly as I. Your costume is fairer but away it flies and I see the truth. I see the real you, all the way through.

You are not evil, dark temptress. It’s just that your coldness is senseless. What is true and gives me pity on you is that you have so much farther to go than I do.

You are just a mirror that shatters me and leaves the pieces here. You are so unkind that I must now find freedom in my mind.

All that is left for me to do is to shatter you too. To truly recover from your attack would mean that I could once again dance with whoever and remain unattached.

You stole from me so much time, so much of my youth. Yet now I see the mistake was mine. I got caught in the loop.

Since then this era of wandering in the desert has seen many mirage illusions. The only hope now is to see through all delusions.


It soon will be time to finally overthrow my own mind.


Those of us who are cast aside do eventually begin to no longer be upset at lies.


In time this guy will find that he was and always will be just fine.


What a fool I was to think that someone else could make me whole and save me from the brink.


Just read the words on this sheet.

No need to compete.

We are all already complete.


In numinous awareness comes a most marvelous existence from

A continuous moment, empty and yet full, simply flowing

The layers we put upon the phenomena are but from

A small mistake, to sin is to make

An error in perception, the one exception

Maybe, it seems, is to see the unity

Of all things and no things

One field and also none

As such, not much

Just is what it is

Simply all this

Or is it?

A paradox


Everything is and yet is not



What in the world is going on

When so many sing different songs?

Such a variety

That many see as frightening

All different types of people

Not just those that gather under the steeple

So many different ways

And all seem to say

That they are an equal possibility

Coming from infinity

They truly are

Need not look far

To see that it is all leveled

Once you sever

Your biases

Look and truly see these

All as one spectrum

Of what can come from

Pure possibility

There is no hierarchy

Do not be soured

By those in power

Who invent classes, castes, and hate speech

They are surprisingly difficult to impeach

Instead we reach

To teach

One another

That we are all sisters and brothers

Birthed from what is possible

We only get lost in all

This nonsense rhetoric

Sophism enacted

By bad actors

Who act out these

Other possibilities

It is all a tease

From the same source

The nothingness before we were born

You may call me this:

An Existential Nihilist

That is fair

I do not care

But have you heard?

It is all just words

Actions are what matter

Although I cannot stand words

That are absurd

Because many fall for them

They are where discrimination stems

So yes they are empty

But can also be heavy

Let us choose them carefully

Perhaps then we can have a better script

To play out all of this

Bad character actors

Could turn into method masters

If only they would see their stages

As soapboxes for true sages



A cell phone
Dunce cap
Screen junkie
Drama addict
I am
A millenial
On the older end
A cynical man
Treated like a boy
By society’s coy
Grin as it castrates
Our fates
Giving chances
Only to rich princes
And Instagram
Who bat eyelashes
For clicks
And views
These chicks
Leading on dudes
Who have no clue
I would say
I stand no chance today
The feminine rules
And men fear it too
We are weak
It’s in our genes
An X and Y
To make for less
Than an X and X
And what does one do
When they are weak
Lash out
Like a dog
On a leash
While the pretty cats
And act aloof
They want attention too
But only
When it suits
Their mood
We’re the ones
Who have come undone
It’s no fun
It sucks
What the fuck
We shouldn’t steer
Why would
The chasers
Be the ones
In the lead
A Matriarchy
Is what we need
To balance
This wallflower
The power
And abuse
Could stop
If we all
Our mommy issues
And went Gestalt
Process philosophy
In place of
And Molly
I don’t know
The answer
To save
This show
But the end
Of the second
Is too low
As low
As it goes
There is
To be a build up
After purging
All of that
Baggage and
From who knows
Any of those
That we
Find ourselves
Squealing in
Like a hamster
Committing sin
After sin

Shit. There’s just so much anger and yet no violence, not even tears left for crying. Dried up ducts, a body that no longer gives a fuck. It’s time to pull it back together before I regret forever, this passive way, the days passing away. One after another, they march on in time, the ides slowly rise and die. Emptier and emptier memories remain, less and less of a friend the mirror’s gaze. It turns to haze all hope and joy, a helpless boy looks back and hates what he sees. What has become of me?

Time to shake
The dirty
Phony ones
And become
What you first were
Before all these layers
Piled on
Must be the slayer
Of Medusas
And playboy players
Fighting uphill
Soft and still
Coiled up
Just like
A quiet snake
To strike

You who tasted the apple

From the garden

Tasted false knowledge

You will be left behind

In this new time

When the great remembrance

Will commence

The oddities

Of human clinging

And stinging

Of unsatisfactory ways

One day

Healed by


All came from
Same source
Mother Earth
Or one could say
The blank canvas
Before the painting
Was painted
And framed

Don’t fall for separation
Is what we are
No need to look far
It’s all happening
In you


We live life
Through a screen
But it needs
To be
Like all other
It is a dream
Not from another
But from one awareness
Comes all the layers

Human beings
The spyglass
Are seen
To be flailing
And failing to
Look back through
To see you

The mirror looks back at me today. And like most days, it has nothing nice to say.


Do you want to know
That it feels like
I’ve died inside
Does it help to show
Okay fine

I couldn’t even go
Up to and say hello
To the beautiful lady
The other day
I was exhausted
Of being judged
All the time
By her kind
And everyone else
So I held
To my stubborn
Rather than trying
And not ever finding a mate
So tired of shallow dates

Was staring
But nicely
And seemed to be saying
“Why don’t you come over and say hello?”
But she didn’t know
The hell I go
To make that move

If I play it out
In my mind
There is no doubt
She would find
That I am not
A “provider”
And care not for things

Like large hadron collider
I break down atoms
And just see a wave
No illusion will save
My nomadic ways

There would be no ring for her
No ceremony
I care not for money

So what are the odds
That while she prods
She finds this out
And then gives me the oust

Very high
So I don’t say hi
It would be nice to meet ya
But I’d rather sit here and eat my pizza
Than have my spiritual ways
Be judged again today

It may be stubborn
And jaded
But it is based
On research
Of the dating nation
And so must pause the search

Until I find
In time
My real home
A family to build
If possible still
But in mean time
I’d simply rather
Stay alone

No courting today

Just a brief food court stay

I’m very flattered

But must figure out this matter


It’s no longer fun


All these meals for one