In the pursuit of truth
If it is for you
Nothing is sacred
All is bared naked

Sacrifices will be made
You will be afraid
All that has been done will unravel
For the hope that you will marvel

At the glory of the truth
Whether relative or absolute
It is yours to seize
Stop at nothing
No matter how much grief

You will suffer
You will regret
You will stumble
You will be bested
And over and over again will you fail
Until you realize the tall tale

Of it all meaning something
That to stories and things you cling
Finally at your end bow down to nothing
Only then can you be king
Emptiness as your queen

Together you rule
The rest are fools
Stuck on the board
Pawns in play

But you have realized the check mate
It is all a blank slate
Remember the pursuit
That took you to the root

By unmaking you
So as one who sought truth
Only to be ruined
Remember this

You have been brought to your knees
Begging for release
So it has been granted

If you stay as you are when you sleep
And make no distinction
Between real and dreams

Then look and finally see
It is all real and unreal
The truth has set you free

It has killed you
And made itself known
As what can only be described as “unknown”

Keep seeking
Keep being
Then stop
And be in the clearing

Get yourself out of the trap
Into the gap
You know what? Forget it
You cannot handle this

No- yes you can
You never stop
Never quit
Not when the truth is there somewhere

Out in oblivion
From ground floor to roof
You already house the linchpin
Yet you continue your pursuit

Of the ruthless truth
Fool or sage?
Who am I to say?
It is up to you
It is all yours to undo


Star born
Of forgotten masters
Chariots in the sky
Said goodbye
To human race

What a truth it could be
Turned factual
If in the actual
We were not only alone
Something has visited our home

Would we unite?
Cease to in-fight?
To space again take flight?

On the red planet
Will we inhabit?
Science non-fiction
It could be
If conviction
Had we

By chance I once roamed the stars
The vacuous field went so far
In each direction
Reaching and stretching
There is no greater protection
Then the infectious
Feeling of awe
Among such a strong universe
Held aloft
By continuous creative thoughts

We are not insignificant
Underneath the firmament
Our elements came from stars
Seeded from afar
To take up form corporeal
Now let us live in memoriam
Of our sacred origin

Children of the stars, it is time to mature, grow up, and take on the mantle of the masters. In synergy with the sustainable universe, one reflection of the whole. Science non-fiction it could be if only one humanity we could be.

Our destiny

Is united humanity

Otherwise we fall short

Of the radiant stars from which we were born







It is all too easy to walk around with our heads down. We see in front, and below, but what of above? A whole new view. Both humbling and heroic in composition. Do we forget to look up?

It can be like following a string that holds our heads up high and strong. Our feet ground into the earth like stilts that go deep below.

Head in the heavens, feet rooted firmly in the earth. Lofty and ideal, and yet grounded.

When you find your chin drooping let your feet sink in, let the string pull you up. It is as easy as softly dropping and lifting. Why is it that we forget to look up?

Let us remember to take in the humbled and heroic view of what is ascending above, and let us remember to mirror it below.


I am flailing
In patience
Something put aside
For now, time to abide

Simply wait
And do not hesitate
When chance comes again
Dissolve the opponent
Break down each component

Be silent in stealth
When needed it will react all by itself

This is the Tao
Of how
To act from non-action
By leveraging traction

A receptive state
A wise one makes
Knowing that any time by chance
Can change circumstance

The same force that makes life hard
Can be used as a new start

Be patient

Some day looking back on the sacred
Time in the cocoon state

I dreamt one night
I was a butterfly in flight
Only to awake
And think that this is the dream state

Am I a guy
Who dreamt of being butterfly
Or am I that winged creature
Who dreams of being this man’s features

An answer is impossible to say
So have it no other way
Be that which is experiencing
Any and all things seeing

It takes much spiritual fitness
To sustain being the witness
And then past that you go
From all things to no
Things at all

Void is empty
And yet full

Patience can easily be tolerated
When not knowing is naturally stated

Why then do I flail about
Like a salmon in a drought
Karmic forces not yet departed
End of journey upstream has not started

There is still much to go
Much more we will know
I may be restless
But not helpless

If peace can be found in this mess
Then I can do all the rest
That is key
To truly be free
We must not flee
From the present time
It binds
To our biggest challenge
To grab life by the talons

Look it right in the eye
Be what becomes the butterfly
To truly live, die before you die



Sometimes we have to go through the dark valley to get to the light. When nothing is going our way it can feel like absolute Purgatory. But remember that Purgatory means purging. Whatever it is that is not serving your self realization or ascension is being purged. That is one way to look at it. When you work with it in that way then you can try to change or discrad those things. If that still does not work then the only thing to do is surrender. Some call it surrendering to the divine or diven will, some call it detachment or letting go, and some call it the falling away of ego. I am not sure what to call it but I am trying my best to do it and hope to step out of Putgatory a more illuminated and aware being one day. I wish I could say when but in the surrendering of control I truly do not know.



Going down one track seems to be dark. The other seems to be light. And yet they both run parallel in the same direction. They both lead to right now. We may seem fixed to the track but we are not fixed to a self we think ourselves to be. Right now, sitting on whatever track you are on, you are the awareness that is aware of the track. You are what is experiencing the duality of “you” and “your experience.” Merge the tracks, dissolve duality, and be the one non-dual awareness that experiences all of it as one life. You can always reinvent the sense of self you seem to be.



A gloomy day. A gloomy view. But this is what I get to see from this room. With a view such as this why fear death’s kiss? It is this that the dispels the abyss. Overcast and empty but turned the latch key and opened to such a scene. So much green. Subdued, yet seems to say, “this is all for you.” Pivoting from nihilism to existential there is now potential. When at first we see dark clouds and greys remember to say, all this was not some mistake. This green not from chance came, it grew from the rain.