Upon longing hearts /
Silently sits the long dark /
Lonesome winter nights



“ONE OF TAO,” adapted from Thomas Merton’s translation of Chuang Tzu’s original poem “The Man of Tao.”


One in whom Tao
Acts without impediment
Harms no other being
Yet they do not know themselves
To be “kind,” to be “gentle.”

One in whom Tao
Acts without impediment
Does not bother with their own interests
And does not despise
Others who do.
They do not struggle to make money
And do not make a virtue of poverty.
They go their way
Without relying on others
And do not pride themselves
On walking alone.
While they do not follow the crowd
They will not complain of those who do.
Rank and reward
Make no appeal to them;
Disgrace and shame
Do not deter them.
They are not always looking for right and wrong
Always deciding “Yes” or “No.”
The ancients said, therefore:

“One of Tao
Remains unknown
Perfect virtue
Produces nothing
Is ‘True-Self.’
And the greatest one
Is No one.”


I’d walk all day
I’d walk for miles
Just to see you there
At the turnstyle

You’d take my hand
We’d get on a train
Ride through the rain
There’s no more pain
Just the tracks we’re on
The past is gone

But there’s no one standing there
Just a thought to send
Along to my
Imaginary friend

I’d write all day
Fill every page
Make poems and songs
I’d sing along
To the air
In case you’re there
Out somewhere

And you’d respond
We’d form a bond
No one would know
Our secret code
They’d shake their heads
Wishing they could have
Such a friend

Yeah I’d walk all day
I’d walk for miles
Just to meet you there
And see that smile
There is no train
Just all this pain
A thought of you
Not yet a face
But a space
Saved for you
Yes just in case

I’ll sleep all night
Hold my pillow tight
The thoughts of you
Are what gets me through
I could see you there
A dream we’ll share
In between nightmares

Then I’ll wake up
Do it all again
Look for my friend
There’s no end
To the game
I will tame
Your wild ways
With me you’ll stay
Once you see
The real me
All the teeth
Just a show
So no one knows
I do not have
My other half

So I walk all day
So I walk for miles
Will I see you there
At the turnstyle?



Why, why, why?
It hurts so much
Makes no sense
This life is nuts

Questioning became a crutch
Must remember now what I already got
Before existence was taken over by thought

The answer lies within another question:
Why not?

Per chance
It is all just a cosmic dance

All things end where once was their start
Characters and props acting out perfect parts





Don’t tell me when
To be grateful
While handing
Me a plate full
Of empty carbs
Mashed potato blobs
Stuff your faces
With stuffing
And then go buy
Reduced price
Stocking stuffer

It’s no mystery
Revisionist history
Breaking bread?
More like
Breaking heads
Of indigenous people
First nation
Before the states
Were staked
Respect to
Mother nature
Just pass more pie
The most gluttonous
Amongst us
Held up
As celebrity
Twitter monsters
Just twits
Half wit
No original brain
Consumer fame
Give it up to big data
See ya lata
Freedom in stitches
While we stare
At click whore
Basic bitches

So let’s
Stuff our
Gaping maws
With ma’s
Cornbread mix
Don’t try to fix
Just sing
The praises
Of freedom
From history staged
For our gilded cage
Two day shipping
For all the shitty
Stuff that makes
Us feel
All the feels
Of feeling
The hole
The gaps
In our frat
Run society
Shaking hands
And smiling
Pardoning turkeys
While the turnkey
System mashes
The last of
Our rights
In quiet
Of holiday nights

I call bull
And I’ll be thankful
When I feel like it
So sit there
And take this
While you feed
Us more lies
We’ll all take knees
Better yet
We won’t even show up
Will that shut up
Your propaganda
Propping up
The military-industrial
We’ll say thanks
When there’s thanks
To be had
While you clutch
Your billions in
Gucci bags
Thank you very much
-The 99 percent
(Care Of: the
President )