Green fields unfurl in front of my eyes
Or do they roll towards?
Where do they end or begin?
I step forward

It would be a sin
To step upon the blades
Obstructing cascades
Of high stalks
Speaking to the sky

If at once I were to die
To collapse right here
I would a fixture permanent be
Among the gateway firmament’s green

Life waits upon no cue
To live and die as grass, and we, do




It is all too easy to walk around with our heads down. We see in front, and below, but what of above? A whole new view. Both humbling and heroic in composition. Do we forget to look up?

It can be like following a string that holds our heads up high and strong. Our feet ground into the earth like stilts that go deep below.

Head in the heavens, feet rooted firmly in the earth. Lofty and ideal, and yet grounded.

When you find your chin drooping let your feet sink in, let the string pull you up. It is as easy as softly dropping and lifting. Why is it that we forget to look up?

Let us remember to take in the humbled and heroic view of what is ascending above, and let us remember to mirror it below.



Sometimes we have to go through the dark valley to get to the light. When nothing is going our way it can feel like absolute Purgatory. But remember that Purgatory means purging. Whatever it is that is not serving your self realization or ascension is being purged. That is one way to look at it. When you work with it in that way then you can try to change or discrad those things. If that still does not work then the only thing to do is surrender. Some call it surrendering to the divine or divine will, some call it detachment or letting go, and some call it the falling away of ego. I am not sure what to call it but I am trying my best to do it and hope to step out of Putgatory a more illuminated and aware being one day. I wish I could say when but in the surrendering of control I truly do not know.



Going down one track seems to be dark. The other seems to be light. And yet they both run parallel in the same direction. They both lead to right now. We may seem fixed to the track but we are not fixed to a self we think ourselves to be. Right now, sitting on whatever track you are on, you are the awareness that is aware of the track. You are what is experiencing the duality of “you” and “your experience.” Merge the tracks, dissolve duality, and be the one non-dual awareness that experiences all of it as one life. You can always reinvent the sense of self you seem to be.



A gloomy day. A gloomy view. But this is what I get to see from this room. With a view such as this why fear death’s kiss? It is this that the dispels the abyss. Overcast and empty but turned the latch key and opened to such a scene. So much green. Subdued, yet seems to say, “this is all for you.” Pivoting from nihilism to existential there is now potential. When at first we see dark clouds and greys remember to say, all this was not some mistake. This green not from chance came, it grew from the rain.



This plant grows straight out of the swampy mud, green and fully alive. Can we do the same? Can we grow straight up from the dirt of a bad life situation? Can we be green and fully alive with the mud beneath our feet? It takes grit. It takes resilience. It takes being okay with the hand life dealt you because you wouldn’t want it any other way. There are days when you want to fold that hand, to sink into the swamp, but that day isn’t today. Today you find your niche right where you are. You extend outwards from it. And you know you’re not alone because I am right there next to you in that swamp. Let’s reach out for the sun, for the water, and get the nutrients we need to thrive. Let’s be part of a system that works together and is naturally balanced. Let’s grow together.



Do we always follow our true power? If only it was a straight line. More and more I try to follow my gut feeling. It is like an electrical line that buzzes when I am not following what I know is best for me and those around me. Maybe it is like being in a lane as a bumper car. We bounce off the edges, we get buzzed and burned, and then we find our way back to the center of the lane. Always forward, always towards our true selves.



A view of meditating in the woods. My cushion: a comfortable enough rock to sit on. My temple: nature itself. A wide and open awareness extends to all sensations. The birds and their calls, the bugs and how they crawl, the cars not too far away on the roads and how they haul. The air is warm and muggy, the light is bright and sunny, the feeling of sitting here is a bit funny. I would have lingered but did not want to be a deer tick’s dinner. Still, the stillness amidst this little clearing within the woods so near me can be refuge and makes a good tactic for the practice.