My name is Ry Rose. I have a bachelors degree in liberal arts from Penn State where I studied the human condition from an interdisciplinary approach. Rounding out my study further I also minored in psychology and history. Sociology and religuous studies were very important subjects for the theme as well. As an instrumental component of what I learned I completed two years as a lead research assistant for an extensive ethnographic study focusing on healing in Buddhism and Buddhist influenced practices in the greater Philadelphia area. In the second year I was the lead research assistant and it was the capstone to my major.

Formally and informally I have also studied various meditation practices, intensive dream work, fine arts, martial arts, filmmaking, writing, philosophy, consciousness studies, and integrative healing in depth. This space is for expressing healing and transcendence through contemplative arts and practices I have engaged in over the past decade and a half or so. For now this is intended to be self reflective reporting and sharing, a multi-media portfolio or manifesto of sorts, but I hope that what I write here could resonate and possibly be helpful for others as well.

May we all be free from suffering and realize liberation.


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