At first it seems there is hope again
But then
The pattern repeats
And again
I lie in my defeat

What now?
Says the cornered mouse
To the huntress lion
While the eagle is flying

One is too tiny
Another too frightening
And the third is struck by lightning

It soared free
But could not plea
With the sky
Thusly met its demise

And so the mouse stands stalwart
If such a liberated thing
Could not control life with its wings
Then certainly neither could he

The she lion
Is still trying
To feed her cubs
On this string she needn’t tug

Mouse does not know
He is too small to even feed the crow
Let alone this magnificent cat
He could have died right where he sat

His fate he does accept
Very brave except
For the fact that more or less
He cannot really escape this mess

When at first it seems there is hope again
Do not then
Get pulled by the string
Of thinking you can control things

You might say that you can
But nothing that happens is your plan

We are the actors
Not the directors
Not the father or mother
Giving orders
There are no co-writers

Life simply moves
You’ll get it too
It’s really quite simple
This limbo is a symbol

Between bookends of nonexistence
There is a persistent
Need for meaning
Grasp all you can but it is fleeting

Because it is all made up
This and that, all of us

Logos does what it does
Resist and you have already lost

If you do not think this is true
Life itself is defeating you

Put aside your resentment
Must find contentment
Within strength no matter
How many plans splatter

Against bad things pressing
Rather than addressing
The core issue
Is a misuse

White mice in a cage
Do not do what they do because they are afraid
Not even frustration is aroused
The truth beyond the details is couched

Their destiny was simply to be a mouse



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