Per chance
Do you take a firm stance?
Or like me
Are you able to be
Floating free?

Your solid borders
Seem to be forming
Such shapes as these
Hard borders against me

I see the gaps
All strings with enough tension snap
Temporary borders
On maps
That can be redrawn

Each new dawn
Shines light on all the same
A star, the same as which we all came
Children of light
Grow up to own the night

So easily to forget
We dressed the set
Drew the lines
First in our minds
And then agreed
On what they mean

Your objects are not fixed
Materialism has you mixed
To each their own
My subjective way can go
Any given way
Even while your objects stay

You stake your shapes
Like the one circle claim
And yet I zig zag all around
Through and in between with no bounds

Perhaps you learned to stay in the lines
Okay, that is fine
But do not object
When I sketch
Freely and use all the rest
Of the canvas

If you stay within the lines
Then stay there and do not tread on mine
You made your own confines
Only in that realm
Can you raise hell

Reality will hit you like a stick
Always does when a rigid stance you pick
But I do not have spite
I dance and draw with light

I just ask you this

If per chance
You take a firm stance
Do not tread on me
While I am floating free
Or I will skillfully flick
You with the reality stick

I will find the rights that are mine

Through the holes in your dotted lines


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