It might be nice
To understand this zeitgeist

Leading to non-action

Need not haste
Consume with one taste

Patience it takes
To transform fate

Is there free will?
I do not know still

There is concentration
Whether or not there is participation

When in the flow
There is no separation in that zone

Nothing to oppose
Not even from those

Who lash out and control
Just moderation of childish trolls

To be truly mature
Is to be sure

Of the stillness within
This chaotic din

White noise
Does not affect your poise

Keep your focus
On the ephemeral locus

Become aware
Of the awareness there

Only then we are free
Even emptiness becomes emptied

What you are
Is not far

Always there
Take care

To remember
Silence amidst the tremors

It all centers around you
Take the cue

It is not the ego
That we go deeper into

The witness
Of the litmus

Tests all things
Before it brings

Itself back
Retracing the tracks

The breadcrumbs
Lead one to succumb

There is no zeitgeist
Just frightened mice

In a golden cage
They eat and engage

Trapped in their form
Only option is to conform

Until an anomalous
Event causes us

To vent it all
Your original name is called


Invisible warrior

Nameless wanderer

You are what you were before you were born: the quiet before the storm.


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