What in the world is going on

When so many sing different songs?

Such a variety

That many see as frightening

All different types of people

Not just those that gather under the steeple

So many different ways

And all seem to say

That they are an equal possibility

Coming from infinity

They truly are

Need not look far

To see that it is all leveled

Once you sever

Your biases

Look and truly see these

All as one spectrum

Of what can come from

Pure possibility

There is no hierarchy

Do not be soured

By those in power

Who invent classes, castes, and hate speech

They are surprisingly difficult to impeach

Instead we reach

To teach

One another

That we are all sisters and brothers

Birthed from what is possible

We only get lost in all

This nonsense rhetoric

Sophism enacted

By bad actors

Who act out these

Other possibilities

It is all a tease

From the same source

The nothingness before we were born

You may call me this:

An Existential Nihilist

That is fair

I do not care

But have you heard?

It is all just words

Actions are what matter

Although I cannot stand words

That are absurd

Because many fall for them

They are where discrimination stems

So yes they are empty

But can also be heavy

Let us choose them carefully

Perhaps then we can have a better script

To play out all of this

Bad character actors

Could turn into method masters

If only they would see their stages

As soapboxes for true sages



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