Do you want to know
That it feels like
I’ve died inside
Does it help to show
Okay fine

I couldn’t even go
Up to and say hello
To the beautiful lady
The other day
I was exhausted
Of being judged
All the time
By her kind
And everyone else
So I held
To my stubborn
Rather than trying
And not ever finding a mate
So tired of shallow dates

Was staring
But nicely
And seemed to be saying
“Why don’t you come over and say hello?”
But she didn’t know
The hell I go
To make that move

If I play it out
In my mind
There is no doubt
She would find
That I am not
A “provider”
And care not for things

Like large hadron collider
I break down atoms
And just see a wave
No illusion will save
My nomadic ways

There would be no ring for her
No ceremony
I care not for money

So what are the odds
That while she prods
She finds this out
And then gives me the oust

Very high
So I don’t say hi
It would be nice to meet ya
But I’d rather sit here and eat my pizza
Than have my spiritual ways
Be judged again today

It may be stubborn
And jaded
But it is based
On research
Of the dating nation
And so must pause the search

Until I find
In time
My real home
A family to build
If possible still
But in mean time
I’d simply rather
Stay alone

No courting today

Just a brief food court stay

I’m very flattered

But must figure out this matter


It’s no longer fun


All these meals for one


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