Star born
Of forgotten masters
Chariots in the sky
Said goodbye
To human race

What a truth it could be
Turned factual
If in the actual
We were not only alone
Something has visited our home

Would we unite?
Cease to in-fight?
To space again take flight?

On the red planet
Will we inhabit?
Science non-fiction
It could be
If conviction
Had we

By chance I once roamed the stars
The vacuous field went so far
In each direction
Reaching and stretching
There is no greater protection
Then the infectious
Feeling of awe
Among such a strong universe
Held aloft
By continuous creative thoughts

We are not insignificant
Underneath the firmament
Our elements came from stars
Seeded from afar
To take up form corporeal
Now let us live in memoriam
Of our sacred origin

Children of the stars, it is time to mature, grow up, and take on the mantle of the masters. In synergy with the sustainable universe, one reflection of the whole. Science non-fiction it could be if only one humanity we could be.

Our destiny

Is united humanity

Otherwise we fall short

Of the radiant stars from which we were born






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