I am flailing
In patience
Something put aside
For now, time to abide

Simply wait
And do not hesitate
When chance comes again
Dissolve the opponent
Break down each component

Be silent in stealth
When needed it will react all by itself

This is the Tao
Of how
To act from non-action
By leveraging traction

A receptive state
A wise one makes
Knowing that any time by chance
Can change circumstance

The same force that makes life hard
Can be used as a new start

Be patient

Some day looking back on the sacred
Time in the cocoon state

I dreamt one night
I was a butterfly in flight
Only to awake
And think that this is the dream state

Am I a guy
Who dreamt of being butterfly
Or am I that winged creature
Who dreams of being this man’s features

An answer is impossible to say
So have it no other way
Be that which is experiencing
Any and all things seeing

It takes much spiritual fitness
To sustain being the witness
And then past that you go
From all things to no
Things at all

Void is empty
And yet full

Patience can easily be tolerated
When not knowing is naturally stated

Why then do I flail about
Like a salmon in a drought
Karmic forces not yet departed
End of journey upstream has not started

There is still much to go
Much more we will know
I may be restless
But not helpless

If peace can be found in this mess
Then I can do all the rest
That is key
To truly be free
We must not flee
From the present time
It binds
To our biggest challenge
To grab life by the talons

Look it right in the eye
Be what becomes the butterfly
To truly live, die before you die


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