I am flailing
In patience
Something put aside
For now, time to abide

Simply wait
And do not hesitate
When chance comes again
Dissolve the opponent
Break down each component

Be silent in stealth
When needed it will react all by itself

This is the Tao
Of how
To act from non-action
By leveraging traction

A receptive state
A wise one makes
Knowing that any time by chance
Can change circumstance

The same force that makes life hard
Can be used as a new start

Be patient

Some day looking back on the sacred
Time in the cocoon state

I dreamt one night
I was a butterfly in flight
Only to awake
And think that this is the dream state

Am I a guy
Who dreamt of being butterfly
Or am I that winged creature
Who dreams of being this man’s features

An answer is impossible to say
So have it no other way
Be that which is experiencing
Any and all things seeing

It takes much spiritual fitness
To sustain being the witness
And then past that you go
From all things to no
Things at all

Void is empty
And yet full

Patience can easily be tolerated
When not knowing is naturally stated

Why then do I flail about
Like a salmon in a drought
Karmic forces not yet departed
End of journey upstream has not started

There is still much to go
Much more we will know
I may be restless
But not helpless

If peace can be found in this mess
Then I can do all the rest
That is key
To truly be free
We must not flee
From the present time
It binds
To our biggest challenge
To grab life by the talons

Look it right in the eye
Be what becomes the butterfly
To truly live, die before you die




Sometimes we have to go through the dark valley to get to the light. When nothing is going our way it can feel like absolute Purgatory. But remember that Purgatory means purging. Whatever it is that is not serving your self realization or ascension is being purged. That is one way to look at it. When you work with it in that way then you can try to change or discrad those things. If that still does not work then the only thing to do is surrender. Some call it surrendering to the divine or divine will, some call it detachment or letting go, and some call it the falling away of ego. I am not sure what to call it but I am trying my best to do it and hope to step out of Putgatory a more illuminated and aware being one day. I wish I could say when but in the surrendering of control I truly do not know.



Thieves in the night
Bullshit populist
“Alt Right”
Means “Racist” so let’s fight

Unintelligent lies
Will be your demise

Have one track
Never egalitarian

Why sides still?
Reach across aisle
Stop ravaging
While it is happening

Corrupt nation states
Checks and balances
For paychecks and advances

World run by Oligarchs
Would be very stark
It draws near
Perhaps already here

We the people
Must not chase the steeple
Do not just believe
Question and retrieve
True motivations
Of those who run nations

This isn’t funny
When monologues
And sketches
Paint such wretched
Picture of much needed rebellion

It isn’t funny
For the answers





A new paradigm will come in time, if we survive this. Must be progressive, and aggressive. Do not suppress this. Read the lips of the muted forefathers. They called it, and this is what they wanted.

A country founded
On occupation
And control of natives
Supported by slavery

When was it great?!
Oh yes, when hate
Ran rampant
O’er the ramparts

Were gallantly streaming with blood
Like Noah’s flood
We believe
Such a story
Is real and has glory

I call all of it
Bad storytelling
So sop rebel-yelling

Gun nut idiots

Think for yourselves
Not from telltales
Sellout mercenaries

Their pawn took your rook
Since you wouldn’t look

Bad chess
Puffed out chests

You really fell

But not too late
Pickup pitchfork and stake
With your brain
A metaphor so refrain

From violence
Our lance
In this joust
Is rousing great doubt

Won’t you please come join me
In the fight to be free?

Turn a new page
Break from gilded cage

We need better standards
Uncle Sam is a bastard





Empire will fall
While building false border wall

Or we reinvent
By decree people-sent

Get past the hate
For first time truly make it great

We the people
Shorn sheeple

No wool left to cover our eyes. If you surmise that all is fine then you are being milked like bovines chopped up into a meal. Your ignorance is their veal.

Break the illusion
Of course there was collusion!

We need to stop being so naive
There is nowhere left to retreat

Like glaciers who have felt this
Truth inconvenient, our chances our melting

Alt right racist white men
And Neoliberal left corporate Dems
False dichotomy
One loud cacophony

Put down your Trump-ets
You Brexit like crumpets
Stop being controlled like muppets
Or mainstream media sock puppet motherf#%ers

Freedom of speech
Still somehow allowed
So this may some reach
Before disavowed

Let us demand a new score
A fresh playing board
Before cops shoot more
Just because of the tint
Of the skin
And this is not called a sin?!

To be more conscious
We must regrow a conscience
No more eye for an eye
It must be you and I
Meeting in the middle
To get past this dribble
And scribble

New laws
With fewer flaws
To be exploited
By the anointed
Trust funders
And bought pundits

If you still do not think we need more anarchism
Then look up the word “sophism”

They know what they’re doing

So we better get moving


One nation (corporation)


Under God (almighty dollar)


With liberty (literacy) and justice (money)


For all (just some)


I pledge allegiance to none, this one has come undone and sees the sum. We are one. We all live under the sun. Look me in the face, see that we are one race.

I don’t know how to end this
Problem and these verses
Except that it is us versus
Unchecked power
So words must flower
Dialogue with fellow man
Woman and child
Of all kinds

True equality
Now takes seniority

There is no more Democracy
Surely by now you see

But we do have before us
Some choices

This madness could end
When we take a real stand

Time to fly from the nest
Make citizen’s arrests

The 99 percent

Will forget

No more

Let’s settle the score

Card house will fall

When we stand tall

Above it

Blow real trumpet

Bugle not of war

But of accord

A treaty

Against the greedy

No one needs 2 Lamborghinis!

Oh please!

Get off your knees

Stop bowing

To celebrity ego-selfie-pouting


Really this should stop
But these Super-pac fops
Are too easy to mop
And hit across the jaw

One more amendment
It is not the millennials lack of spending

You old guard buffoons
It was the balloon

That burst
So get over your hurt

And let us take over
We’re the ones who are sober

Take your pensions
And retire
We won’t have them because of the tension
Caused by you the vampires
The scourge
Of the earth

So take a break son

This isn’t fun

You had your run

One thing we have learned

It’s OUR turn!!!



Going down one track seems to be dark. The other seems to be light. And yet they both run parallel in the same direction. They both lead to right now. We may seem fixed to the track but we are not fixed to a self we think ourselves to be. Right now, sitting on whatever track you are on, you are the awareness that is aware of the track. You are what is experiencing the duality of “you” and “your experience.” Merge the tracks, dissolve duality, and be the one non-dual awareness that experiences all of it as one life. You can always reinvent the sense of self you seem to be.



A gloomy day. A gloomy view. But this is what I get to see from this room. With a view such as this why fear death’s kiss? It is this that the dispels the abyss. Overcast and empty but turned the latch key and opened to such a scene. So much green. Subdued, yet seems to say, “this is all for you.” Pivoting from nihilism to existential there is now potential. When at first we see dark clouds and greys remember to say, all this was not some mistake. This green not from chance came, it grew from the rain.



This plant grows straight out of the swampy mud, green and fully alive. Can we do the same? Can we grow straight up from the dirt of a bad life situation? Can we be green and fully alive with the mud beneath our feet? It takes grit. It takes resilience. It takes being okay with the hand life dealt you because you wouldn’t want it any other way. There are days when you want to fold that hand, to sink into the swamp, but that day isn’t today. Today you find your niche right where you are. You extend outwards from it. And you know you’re not alone because I am right there next to you in that swamp. Let’s reach out for the sun, for the water, and get the nutrients we need to thrive. Let’s be part of a system that works together and is naturally balanced. Let’s grow together.








Today, July 12th, is Net Neutrality Day. Here’s how you can help the non-profit Fight for the Future in their efforts to make sure the internet remains open and free as one of the last bastions of free speech in the world. Let’s spread the word. Stay aware, stay active. Activism seems to be the only thing working these days against the cold sociopathic corporate domination of human beings and the planet. It’s an uphill fight but we need as many of us as we can being awake, aware, and active. Check out the link below: