A pale blue dot
Earth from far away
All problems contained
On one spherical plane
Spinning in space

How is the universe so vast?
Do you yearn to float among stardust?
The flotsam and jetsam
Of accretion disks
Welcomes pilgrims
From all quadrants

Rotating objects
In space far off
Are just like here
Perhaps human life too
On another sphere
Of green and blue

Quasars spew out
Abstract art
Entire galaxies captured here
In telescope’s reflecting mirrors

This is our true environment
From empty space we all were sent
To reflect on
And comprehend
The beginning and the end

And relativity of time
Like forensics of a crime
Creationists and evolution
Cannot agree on solution
The answer most rational
All knowledge is conventional

As amazing and grandiose
A thing such as a universe
It could still be
But a tortoise’s dream

Or the thought of a child
Who’s imagination went wild
Each moment recreates
The pattern seemingly more solid
As it spins, revolves, and carries weight

Gravity remarks
That to the grave we are marked
Spinning and sinking in
Making time and the relative

From an outside perspective
This is all concocted
Not because of man
Simply because it can

The biggest bang
Is dropping the brands
And admitting with a salute
That the absolute
Can form anything and all
That is relative, subjective, and conventional

Quantum measured quasars spew out abstract art

Every moment a new start


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