Manic depressive
Or call it Bipolar
Doesn’t make it any cooler
Those labels are silly
It’s spiritual emergency

Dark night of the soul
Overly artistic, too much depth
Like van Gogh
Unappreciated pre-death

Full spectrum emotional being
Tapped into opposing sides
Familiar with both extremes
Exhausting tides

Of consistency
No guarantee
Poor me
On the pendulum’s swing

Wouldn’t trade for anything
The wide open experiencing
And flashes of psychic vision
In the interim of psychiatry

Talk it out instead
With the oracle’s lead
Be neo, new and seeing through
All the numbers and programming

Old soul’s transgressions catching up
In unfiltered manifesting
Now fast tracked to face it all
In one lifetime, entering the stream

With backstory now
And secrets revealed
Would you still call me Bipolar
Manic depressive, in need of healing?

Or would you say
That I take it on my shoulders
For the benefit of all beings
To realize liberation, and drop the boulder?

Delusions of grandeur?
Manic hallucinations?
I’m hypomanic, rarely manic
For your information

However I am superman
When I feel like it
Not just as fantasy
Bipolar and beyond

I call it wide open
I am Bodhisattva, your spokesman
To the intergalactic federation
Just kidding, not crazy

You can label me lazy
Pump brain full of drugs
Write in my charts
But I haven’t even begun to start

The truth is I scare you
Not buying into the system
So you bully and I resist you
But now I’m tired, I accept the label

Knowing it’s a lie
Just only current paradigm
I know whole universe
Soul travel the system solar

But you can just keep it up
Keep calling me “Bipolar”


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