But I will be at their weddings
With a smile on my face
Hoping they don’t make the same mistake
To be betrayed
And forsaken
To fall from being loved to being hated
From reciprocated
To unrequited
All because of a stained
And misguided faith
A true believer
Makes most dangerous lover
They will cast you out
When at them you shout
And uncensored equality
In response to their childhood brainwashing

No, for them I wish a fate
Shielded from this state
Of being and not being
Far too much seeing
Icarus flew too close
Fell but again rose
From the ashes
Down aisle to usher
New incarnations
Of love’s regeneration
Their happiness
Is my happiness
Something I may not know again
Except through them
Lasting must be their plans
Protected by uncle to their little ones
Who knows darkness of rejection
Pain from natural selection
Opted out of bourgeoisie
Wolves preying on the sheep
Belonging anyhow to the rest
Fellow proletariat

At home, back to start
But will carry the scars
I wish for them unions
That will not be their undoing
From some things one does not recover
Must instead
Have metamorphosis
Where to go from here?
Meditations made one thing clear
I will see her again
But in this life or a next?
How many lifetimes must I renounce
The world
Just to announce
My return?
I know not
But in this one in which I sought
And only found delusion
Made great strides to break from illusion
This uncle
This groomsman
Will not buckle
No more doomsday

There is a life to live
There is love to give
To those
That truly matter most
Until such others
See again their brother
For what he is
Still as a little kid
And giving well wishes
While at the wishing well
He himself still fishes


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