All is just pure potential and comes from nothing. Compassion is simply the negation of opposition. There is still no intrinsic meaning. Compassion then is still conventional/relative, not absolute/ultimate. Nothing is still the only answer to everything but there is generally no reason to cause harm to oneself or perceived others (all are seen as “no self”). It  is pointless. To not cause harm is also pointless and there is no reason to not cause harm but to do so would generally be to take an opposed stance and that is futile.

To negate what is a natural inclination is to take a negative stance and that is not Nihilism. The nihilistic recognition would be to not oppose, to not create an assigned judgement value. As long as the natural inclination does not appear to harm the free agency of another or of oneself it is fine. The reason is that being controlled without conscious consent is a violation of being neutral. Making subjective distinctions is one thing but making them for another who at least appears to also be conscious is quite another thing.

Nihilism has a bad reputation. That is largely because people fear meaninglessness. An observation of there being no objective meaning however is the only truly mature spiritual realization. It is all just being played out simply because it can. From that stance we can then pivot into Existentialism and make up some meaning (simply because we can) or we can slip into Absurdism and boldly reject the most simple and basic observation of subjectivism. The world we live is is largely Absurdist. It is not sustainable to live in such denial. It can all end. That is fine too, other games could be played.


We could admit all things being subjective and build better paradigms from there that do not oppose, that are at least nuetral. Paradigms can be aware they are made up and limited and then they can be fluid and adapt. To do otherwise is Absurdist and does not last. We need to go to neutral. We need to be aware we are playing life out but it is not a competition. Competing only brings escalation and is opposing what is not really there to oppose. This is absurd to keep doing over and over again.

Thus says an Idealistic Existential Nihilist.


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