The Theory of Everything: Nihil Ad Infinitum (nothing to infinity), 0 = 1.

Rose’s Theory of Everything

The theory of everything is: nothing. Everything comes out of absolute nothingness which is the very reason why we cannot figure out or prove anything at all with undeniable certainty. There is literally nothing there to find. Nothingness, or pure potentiality, cannot be quantified or measured but all things that can be measured and observed ultimately will logically be drawn out into that conclusion.

For instance if God exists then who or what created God and then who or what created that and so on into infinity (ad infinitum)? God or creators could exist in a relative sense but would be a manifestation of the absolute. Also in looking for the origins of the universe scientifically, no matter how many equations are found, what made those equations possible, what made matter, what made whatever made matter possible, and so on could be asked ad infinitum. The ultimate theory must not only be an infallible argument then but it must also be the most basic observation.

The problem is that an answer to everything (or a unifying theory of everything) cannot be known or proven and cannot be measured because then it is limited and not ultimate. So in order to be infallible the ultimate source has to be nothingness or non-duality. Nothingness cannot be refuted because there is no subject or object. It is null. This is the gap of no-existence at all and it is always there between this-and-that. It is also before and after all things on the continuum of their material existence. The most basic observation is nothingness because our own awareness comes from nowhere that can be seen or experienced because it is what is doing the experiencing. Another basic observation of this nonexistence is the experience of when you are asleep but not dreaming. Then, you dream and/or wake up into what we call “something.” Something can also be called duality, the world of opposites, of this-and-that. When you are not in the state of non-dual dreamless sleep then you are either dreaming or awake but all of it in a sense is the one dream from that gap. The experience of existing is that of forms coming from, being witnessed by, and ultimately falling back into the formlessness. Of course the essence of all then must be the formlessness itself.

Form and substance being ultimate is the illusion. Anything observable is an expression of complete and utter emptiness. Any other answer is not an answer at all but a belief that cannot be proven. There is nothing wrong with that because nothingness allows for all relative things. This theory cannot be proven either but does not need to be because the point of it is to say just that. Nothing can be proven and the answer is in that very wording: the only thing that can be proven is nothing. So that is the only answer we have which by its nature is a non-answer: everything is nothing. Everything therefore is one thing and that one thing is nothingness. A numeric representation of this would be 0=1.

It follows that any unifying theory of everything is like a null hypothesis. The only true unifying theory of everything is the admission of relative obscurity fogging up the canvas of ultimate truth. This is the cancellation of knowing everything by the fact that we cannot know and even if we did it can only ever be a relative and phantom construct that we know. In order to be absolute and all encompassing we must skip to the end by way of the beginning. Everything must come from nothing at all. Another way to say it is that all things come from a pure potential to exist and only seem to be solid and with substance because the potential to appear that way continues in the given moment but it could stop at any time. Thus it is actually comprised of potential, or nothing, and yet appears to be something. It is of course something but only in the relative sense. The absolute knows nothing and is unmanifested. When it becomes manifested it is still absolute. It is something but it is also nothing.

Everything we know and can experience is simply a continuation, or one inevitable potential, of nothingness. Nothingness to infinity, nihil ad infinitum, 0 = 1.


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