Many notes and chords
But universe means “one song”



Runaway recidivism
Mass re-incarceration
No chance at reincarnation
Doomed to one life, one self
Form fixed static
Real progress flaccid
Racism runs rampant
Death throws of the vapid
Ignorant pale supremacists
Fear based projectionists

Human race, one species
How can we not see this?
Race, socio-political construct
Designed only to conduct
Control, turning us on each other
True sisters and brothers
Turned cannibalistic cultists
Neo-Nazi fascist
Authoritarian bastards
Last lashing out, dehumanizing tactics

Misogynistic sexists
Patriarchy defending
Masculine, left brained cold calculations
Handing out no reparations
First Nation indigenous
Belonging to this
Land more than any other
Edged out and smothered
By oil barons’ mercenaries
“Crowd control” merciless

Militarized police
Disrespecting chiefs
Obliterating agreements
Past made and sealed
Disgruntled veterans
There to represent them
But the brainwashing of othering
Compassion breaking down and sundering
The ravaging and rape of marginalized people
Wool pulled over eyes of the sheeple

Let us not fall for the separation
And silly war games of profiteering nations
There is no time left to stall
Divided we will all fall
Level the field
Put the humanity back in being
All ethnicities
And peoples’ embassies
Truly united must stand
Not as propaganda but for the actual interest of all of man

THE BLOOD RED CARPET, an essay regarding competition for “peace”

We live in such an absurdist world. Peace has even been turned into a competition.

Do we need a prize for actually having compassion on a large scale? That is pathetic. Childish people play with tanks and bombs and national budgets. Actual children also die because of it. Collateral damage runs chaotically out of control while bank accounts get fatter. We are all collateral damage to the power and wealth of but a few in comparison. There should be a prize for destruction too. There might as well be. The fat cat politicians could go up on the stage, smile and nod, do their silly psychological hand motions, and give an acceptance speech to thank the numerous lives they have snuffed out in order to relish the applause they have garnered. Do not think for one moment that I am not talking about America. I am. To be more precise I am referring to the global wealthy elite but much of that seems to run from the heart of the American Empire. Yes, it is an empire. With the military budget well over-top of any other nation in the world why would it not be a pivotal summit of the powerful? It can and has bullied the United Nations for example. Just think about that for one second. The organization that represents unity in the world can be pushed around by just one of its nations. That is a skewed game board to say the least.

We are so naive. And we are so quick to pass the buck. I am American by the way, but as Kurt Vonnegut said after my own heart; I am a man without a country. I am not a fan of an Authoritarian, Neo-fascist surveillance/police state, unholy bastardization. As a humanist I have no patriotism for this. It is not just the state of things as they are of late that I lament. No, it has been this way for a long time. Anyone who is surprised by the Authoritarian takeover of the US, (and of other countries recently) has been misinformed, uninformed, or otherwise not paying attention. To not take responsibility as sheep being herded towards the slaughter is innocent but it also could be framed as ignorant. It all depends. That however is beside the point. Why do we let it be that way? Why do we let silly war games be played and why do they give out awards and praise like a popularity contest?

The red carpet for politics and peace is a crimson blood stained shade. They stand on top of the slaughter of the innocents. It is all not much different than Hollywood and entertainment. Both use fancy storytelling after all. Reality has been replaced by reality TV. The selfish narcissist who runs the superpower of the world was a reality TV star and that is not a coincidence. The financial sway of mainstream media and propaganda has worked so well it is what most blindly trust more than anything. The psychology of marketing has created a seemingly unstoppable monster. Mad men have turned it into a mad world. Reality with a capital “R” is really all there is though. The Reality is that extremely wealthy people, and extremely large corporations, truly do run things. They run things on a global scale. This is not a conspiracy. In fact it is open and transparent. Follow the money and see for yourself.

By the way the word “conspiracy” has been slandered and defamed by people who do not want free thinking and questioning. This a cunning psychological trick. To conspire literally means to plan and conspiring happens all the time. It happens behind closed doors all the time. It also happens with uber wealthy and powerful people as well as corporations. Let us not be so naive. Let us not look the other way so easily. One does not need to remain patriotic to a military-industrial complex, a government that sustains itself by creating war and selling weapons of war (the US is the undisputed world champion of selling arms to anyone who will buy them, military grade armament, not just small firearms). One does not have to remain loyal just because one is told to do so. That is what authority winning blindly looks like.

The spectre of terrorism is one example of another cunning tool to build patriotism while also fear mongering so that we buy into violent action in order to secure resources. We all sleep better at night by justifying it but like a bedtime story it is all made up. Terrorism by nature does not threaten a nation or a government. Terrorism can pop up any time, any place, and the point of it by definition is to cause fear. Its hope is to cause fear because it knows it cannot overthrow something. It settles for fear. By definition then terrorism (or causing fear with violence) is when people can only cause fear and are incapable of anything more. Terrorism being a threat to a nation is ludicrous. It is also a brilliant appeal to emotion used to control the masses. I repeat myself because it seems as though people are very confused as to what the definition of terrorism actually is, linguistically speaking. The word has been changed due to brainwashing but the violation remains. Using terrorism as a tool to keep people scared and in support of the largest military force in the world is literally using terrorism. Creating an unbalanced fear of terrorism is in itself causing fear to gain something. This could be called meta-terrorism. How hypocritical is that? The real bedtime story would be a nightmare that keeps us awake and horrified until it is actually fixed.

We need critical thinking. We need to get our heads out of the sand. It does not take a genius to figure this out. It simply takes awareness and questioning. Both are hallmarks of a democratic society. People seem to want democracy in the world. Many people, even highly educated and seemingly informed people call America a democracy and call out atrocities to it as being undemocratic. The error though is that America is not a democracy. It never really was. It has had some democratic ideals but it is not beholden to them. You could assert that the reason we follow so blindly and buy in so very much is precisely because it has never been a democracy representing the people. It has always represented money while building a gilded cage for the masses to keep them comfortable enough not to question it. We have forgotten that we are not allowed to question. The masses need only be the majority in this case. Minorities are called minor because they do not have political power, not because of numbers. Control white Americans and you control America. I am white by the way. White people very rarely call out white people as a whole but I sure as hell am. Not because I see anything but one human race, but because it must be acknowledged that the illusion of race is used to divide us. Ethnicity and different cultures are real and should be respected. Race though? Biologically humans are one race. It is not like there are multiple species of humans like racists would have you believe. Race is a social construct. I would dare to take it a step further and say that it could be seen as a socio-political construct. A people divided and fighting each other cannot unite and rise up against what is controlling them. They are spread too thin and have too much infighting to be powerful enough to do so. Why then do we think a nation that controls the masses rather than listening to them is a democracy? Also, what are the implications of the super power in the world right now being that way?

From much research I have come across experts classifying The United States of America a Mixed Republic. It has some democratic ideals that are in the backseat along for the ride but they are not driving. Note that the ideals are not actually built into the system but are more like philosophical underpinnings. The system is not, and never was, held to a democratic philosophy. Do not think that it should be democratic when it is not a democratic system to begin with. So then, the nation leading the charge and “spreading democracy” around the world by forced occupation is not even democratic. That actually makes perfect sense. Yes, it is so simple and right under our noses but most have been brainwashed so much that they cannot, or will not, see it. We really need to wake up out of this trance.

For instance our bodies are literally controlled while we stand and remove hats at sporting events for an anthem. An anthem to what exactly though? What is the anthem an ode to in the present time? We are shamed if we do not comply to that ritual (as some NFL players were, some of which can barely find a job in the league anymore). Perhaps that is why we like zombie stories so much. We relate to them. We are zombies. And a sport is apparently a ritual ground for a military. Competitions breed more competitions. Military ads and propaganda riddle professional sports, especially football broadcasts.

They seem to say:

“Do you like violently tackling people to the cheer of the crowd? Then sign up to go die for big oil and big finance. If you make it back home we won’t actually help you but we will put on rituals and pageantry to make you feel good. Or rather it’ll make the rest of them feel good. They’ll even thank you for your service even though they have no idea what you even did or were asked to do. Oh and we’ll give you a sign-on bonus!”

The ads might as well say all of that because to me that is what it all adds up to.

Childish people compete and think it is important and real. If it is seen as just a game that is fine. Children die from bombs raining down from the sky because they were born where they were born with no say in the matter. If that is a game then it is not fine. The Reality though is that it is a huge game and it is being played right now, every day. Flip the situation and imagine some country dropping bombs from literal flying robots on your family just because you live close by to people who are suspected to be bad (and also have the audacity to fight back to keep the oil that is rightfully their own). Would that not just create pissed off people which would then breed more terrorists? Perhaps we should call them freedom fighters in that case. The point is that none of it is logical, the reasoning given to us for all this bloodshed I mean. It is built on logical fallacies (especially appeal to emotion and false equivalencies these days). Yet we keep rolling out the red carpet. Who can throw, run, or tackle the best? Who can not only make a ton of money with a movie but who made the “best” movie? Who can inspire peace the best? Who can destroy the best?

We applaud those who walk upon the red carpet while smiling and waving in their expensive clothes. They galavant in front of us, giving each other awards for cannibalistic competitions. These awards are for physical prowess, the total subjective nature of the arts, and of course who can be the most popular in appearing to spread peace. They walk in front of us because of money interests and playing the game better than the poor and the people who did not know we were all playing a childish game. But what are they really walking on? Whose shoulders are they standing on? Who died so that they could hold a gold statue in their hands?

The carpet runs red with the blood of the innocents.



HINDSIGHTFULNESS: an emotional regulation technique

I call this technique “Hindsightfulness” because it involves visualizing looking back on the present. I’ve also heard of this being called “nostalgia for the present moment.” It can be used to enhance experiences that are already seen as being good or to savor the moment even more, but what I would like to emphasize is how it can be used to cut through or at least help to somewhat alleviate difficult times and even moments of great anguish. Really this is an emotionally based practice and could fall under the umbrella of inner alchemy.

In this thought experiment the control is how you currently feel. The variable that is manipulated is perception of time. Imagine that you are looking back on this moment as a memory. Add to this visualization that from that future time you will somehow be healed of the current affliction. You do not need to know exactly how that would be the case. It may be too difficult to imagine. Maybe it is easy to imagine in which case you can go with it. One example is if you are dealing with romantic dejection you try to imagine a future significant other who you would be very happy to be with. This seems cliche and even silly when you are in pain but if you really give it a try in can have a surprising effect to pick you up onto your feet again. Another example is to picture being on the other side of something that you have a lot of anxiety about doing. For example if you have to engage in public speaking in a few days you can imagine in great detail what it will be like when you are done with it. What will you do to reward yourself? How will relaxing really feel in a visceral way? You can even learn to defer anxiety. By doing this kind of technique you can learn to decide to be anxious about an event the day before or the day of it instead of right now. You actually procrastinate on being anxious. Anxiety takes a lot of energy and you decide not to spend that energy right now. It takes practice but it is possible. We are not using a notion of the law of attraction here by the way. That is an interesting topic but also is very subjective. This is subjective too but in this case that is the whole point. We are leveraging subjectivity. This pain can be looked at in different ways and from different perspectives. Believe it or not our minds have the power and capacity to embody what seems to be beyond out current reach. If you get good at this sort of visualization you can actually start to transmute your emotions and even your mood (emotions being like waves that come and go while mood is more like the state of the surface which is more widespread and lasts longer).

When combined with flexible thinking and even opposite thinking Hindsightfulness can be an even stronger technique. By flexible thinking is this case I mean thinking of different possible perspectives that could be had on your current situation and imagined future. It perhaps even means thinking of what a kind stranger might think of your condition. Picture them having compassion and being a companion who is able to help because they do not have the burden of pain that you have. A more advanced version attained with practice is to imagine and feel yourself to be that kind stranger. This involves a healthy imagination and a flexible sense of self. At long last a great application to the daydreaming abilities we have been honing our whole lives. By opposite thinking in this case I am referring to thinking in the opposite way that you currently are. It could be as in depth as flipping feeling sad with acting like feeling happy (like a method actor) or it could be as simple as saying to yourself, “if I feel this way right now then the opposite of this must exist too.” It is basically an acknowledgement that emotions, even extremely powerful ones, do come and go. None are permanent. The pendulum has swung this way and so it has to swing back eventually. At the very least it cannot stay this way. It is temporary. This is not to take away from how bad something feels. It actually encourages feeling that very deeply and not being in denial of it so that you can engage in flexible and opposite thinking effectively.

In my scholarly study of Buddhism thus far it is worth noting the influences of impermanence and equanimity. They are very applicable concepts and helped to shape this practice. The feeling that nothing is permanent can be scary but when it comes to pain and suffering it is a most welcome insight. The concept of equanimity is also right on the nose. Staying in the middle of that pendulum as much as possible is the idea. However if you are one to experience a very wide spectrum of that emotional pendulum (like I am) then do not beat yourself up or see it as a hindrance to balance. Your high sensitivity allows you to know very much about the full range of the human condition and that can be leveraged into compassion and insights of epic proportions.

To summarize Hindsightfulness is a very effective way to alleviate the pain of a moment or a stretch of time in your life. It helps to see it as a “life situation” rather than “your entire life,” framing it in this way may be difficult at first but it can absolutely be done if taken in stages as needed and practiced patiently. Flexible thinking and didadic thinking can also be applied if needed and entire daydream visualizations could ensue as a therapeutic tool. With this you can be your own hypnotist or therapist. Ultimately the concepts of impermanence and equanimity can become more and more embodied. You must test them for yourself. Rather then viewing them as beliefs you see how they hold up to your own direct experience. Give all of this a really fair try and it should speak for itself but do not just believe that either of course. The only point of this is for it to work for you. What works for me may not work for you and visa versa but it may also work at a later time if it is at least remembered as an option to try.


A most vexing perception
Seeing through the great deception
Waking physical reality
As the deepest dream of duality
Most deny we are but dreaming
Because there is no control
But that does not negate awakening
In the waking world
All erroneous ways can be forgiven
When one devotes to lucid living