“Let me tell you about Earth that was”
Says Sha-Sharee, the elder nun
To the children of
The Order of One

“There were so many
Of all types and plenty
To be had by all
Such a variety
A diversity of species
People, plants, and animals”

Even when we fought from within
Somehow there was still stability
Of the larger system
A natural check and balance economy

But over time came a tipping point
When human nature did not evolve
Fast enough to moderate itself
An impersonal problem arose

And still so vain
That they all mostly said
‘We are killing the planet’
When in fact the planet would be fine
Only our ability to survive
In its environment
Is what was actually being threatened

That was part of the blind spot
An error of meaning and importance
Rather than being aware and content
With our niche, we felt the need
To go further and further
And tempt fate on its very edge”

The children lean closer still
They all look very much the same
Suntanned skin, dark hair and eyes
Individual and yet not very distinct
The last hope from not going extinct
A mixing of all ethnicities
True median of the melting pot
A lush, open world they have known not

From all corners of the genetic pool
Mankind turned to genetic harvesting
Shameless eugenic programming
Those in power chose to stop the mill
And save their version of a future
This would be the downfall of all

Not from playing God
There was no one there to imitate
We made him up, a misogynistic view
But to be so bold
That was the sin
The error that we would commit
As to pretend that we mattered so
More than other things and beings

The old woman throws something down
And the fire crackles and sparks
Young ones delight and start
Like the cautionary tale of a ghost story
She continues to weave the human tapestry
As with spectral torment sometimes being haunted cannot be avoided

“Perhaps they went too far
Or maybe they just did not commit enough
To their own game
Letting individual vanity and fame
Get completely in the way
Pieces cannot play
After all without the board

We did not nuke the sky
Or block out the sun
As science fiction stories of old would say
It was much more simple and plain
We simply could not pull up in time and sustain
We had to resort to using
Artificial environments just like what we are doing”

She points around at the thick plexiglass
Surrounding the simulated nighttime forest
The low hum of air vents
Absorbing the smoke from the fire
Now audible in the pause of silence

“And unlike those stories
We are still trying to make it back to Luna
Let alone the red planet
Which we still have not yet stepped foot upon

Only to expand was the hope
To stretch out and span
Across the expanse
Buy some time or scale up
To let off pressure and spread out the surplus

However here we are
Still staring up at the stars
A regression for us?
That is one way to say so
I am old and soon must go
It is up to you now to play this out
To see next what will come about

Make sure to look all around
Not just at yourself and down
To your personal vanity devices
Of which we all were so delighted
A symbol of such a seductive
Simple fall from being productive
And the chance of actually progressing
Falling further into false self, regressing

But I must digress here
And leave you with a simple takeaway
This Order has been founded
As one more chance to
Play out the human condition

So do not be narrow in your thinking
If hedonistic then do so with moderation
Sustain the game if you want to play
Do not complain if there is nowhere left for you to stay
If you denied the signs and struggles of the times

I would say you are our last hope
But I am a realist and misanthrope
It is not just in us life grows
Of course not, no
Any number of games could be played
We are in this one though so might as well stay

If we must be extinguished
Then first leave it all out on the field
And fall asleep softly under your shield
Like resting soldiers who fought
Up until the penultimate before they lost
You are the second to last
Your children will be the final chance

After that many clone replications
We will become like older homo sapiens
No more higher intelligence
If ever it was said
That such a thing was better
How misunderstood must have been the human fetters

Sleep well now young ones
Let yourselves become undone
Into your slumber state
Your birthright, the natural way
Of those who before you came

Your inheritance
To take up or break
Is the blinders
Of your ancestors”



You see here’s the thing
You and I have both had moments
Sudden realizations
They seem gradual
But then all of a sudden you get hit by something
An experience, a peak experience
And you know you’ll never be the same

Those turning points have happened in you
They’ve happened in me
However we have both wanted them to happen to another
Often to very specific people
But let me tell you all I know is that I don’t know when or why they will

Is it inevitable?
One could say so
The knowing of a being’s true nature that is
The direct knowing
Not some belief
Not something that needs asserting or defending
Not those things
No, you know it and I know it too

We at least have tasted it, even savored it
It is the kind of knowing that empties out all else
It can contain everything and yet in itself is nothing at all
It is not a thing, not an object
Well… you know what I mean
They may not
They probably don’t, but you and I know

So what do we do with that?
And when will others join in this realization?
This realization of non-realizing?
Again I don’t know but I do know this
When you feel there is no one else who gets it
Who gets the exquisite pain and bliss of the great remembering
Remember that there is

Remember that both you and I know
And if you and I know then it follows that it can happen in another
Because in at least one other there is no other
And if that has already happened then by saying it to you
I am saying to myself
That it can happen again


I wish I could rhyme
All the time
So many lines
Left behind
Unspoken words

Heart of a poet
But no one knows it
When not in the flow
Just some average Joe
Who nobody knows

Hell, I’ve got lots of friends
Don’t even pretend
That you’re not ready
To go steady
I didn’t ask for a relationship
Just a date
So don’t flip
It back on me
Tell me what you see

Not the poet
Not the philosopher
Not a philanderer
By the way
Just a lover
And wannabe philanthropist

I gotta say
You don’t know me at all
How could you fall
For a mystery like me
Before you get the key
To my mind
My soul
Into the fold
And in time
You could eventually grow it
Your mind
Entangled with the heart of a poet

No wonder it’s rough
No one is good enough
Nothing does it like my words
No match yet from a girl
How can I spar
Without a partner
Who can hang in the yard
Of stanzas and soliloquies
And runaway philosophies

Who could possibly keep up
With a pseudo-sane
Split and torn brain
That sees purity even in the inane
Who would want to
Romance with a one sided dance
Is there room for a partner
In seeking the heart of
Existence itself
What is the shelf-life
Of two fragments
Before final transcendence

From all the way down
I found my heart in Chinatown
A most unexpected turn
There was no more to learn
Just to feel the familiar
Vibes and resilience
Of concepts and being
Embedded in colonial city
Is this me
An Anglo caught in mystique
Or a deeper seeing
Multi-layered human being

Cultures clash
Yet side by side
Waves crash
Then wane in low tide
Off the boat
And right into the moat
Instead of synthesized
From cradle of life
We all sprang
The same mankind
One origin
We are all born

These words
Fall short
And yet are closest
To what means most
To me
I aim to be
Side by side
With all in time
It is us that rhymes
Feel the rhythm
Heal the schism

Take it from one who knows it
And who sees
One world
One love
One hate
All the same
And all that remains
Only thing I retain
Empty words
Left unheard
From the broken
Wide open
Heart of a poet