I tell my secrets to the rocks and trees
They at least know the real me
Unlike those who think and talk
And through their lenses misperceive

The rocks and trees do not need to see
They like me know to simply be
Standing strong and silent
No thoughts to cause them torment

So I give mine to them to dissipate
Then soon after the deer leads me down its trail
Leaving me its antlers to find and secrets to be revealed
He spares them for me, for him they will regenerate

The forest can handle whatever I throw at it
And can keep giving me more back by its own merit
It does not judge
Or hold a false grudge

And that is why I speak to the rocks and trees
They are there to listen to my pleas
Now I know they want me like them to be
The real me, just as free as the rocks and trees

But I have to tell one more secret
Because I know they will keep it
I say that I envy them
That I am forever their friend

And that they have been my teacher
I knew it was worth being the seeker
For that lead me to them
To bear witness to this truth

It is from thoughts that problems stem
Be strong
Be still
Be vigilant

Meanwhile give it over
They can handle it
Until I am free I can at least to this see
It helps to tell my secrets to the rocks and trees


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