Why is it
That we crave
Those who stay away?
Their spears stave
Off the likes of I, the knave

Playing out the days
Such as this
Not afraid of the abyss
Having faced it
Gone through that tunnel
Circled down through funnel
Said to non-existence
“Fine, I surrender”

Next thing I see
White sheets
And pillowed fleece
All alone with these
A certain amnesia
My anesthesia
Of choice is a bed
In sleep I fetch
All things, anything instead
Of you
But there you are too
Cannot hide
I will find
You when I lie
Down and ship off
Untie the slip knot
For I am master
Of land, air, and sea

You would never believe
Where I go
The things I know
And the enemies I smote
Within the mind
So I take the time
To myself remind
Through trivial rhymes
As well as other daydreams
That I never left those scenes
In them at times you and me

You see you cannot flee
I feel I can be free
Once I remember to see
That I am merely



I tell my secrets to the rocks and trees
They at least know the real me
Unlike those who think and talk
And through their lenses misperceive

The rocks and trees do not need to see
They like me know to simply be
Standing strong and silent
No thoughts to cause them torment

So I give mine to them to dissipate
Then soon after the deer leads me down its trail
Leaving me its antlers to find and secrets to be revealed
He spares them for me, for him they will regenerate

The forest can handle whatever I throw at it
And can keep giving me more back by its own merit
It does not judge
Or hold a false grudge

And that is why I speak to the rocks and trees
They are there to listen to my pleas
Now I know they want me like them to be
The real me, just as free as the rocks and trees

But I have to tell one more secret
Because I know they will keep it
I say that I envy them
That I am forever their friend

And that they have been my teacher
I knew it was worth being the seeker
For that lead me to them
To bear witness to this truth

It is from thoughts that problems stem
Be strong
Be still
Be vigilant

Meanwhile give it over
They can handle it
Until I am free I can at least to this see
It helps to tell my secrets to the rocks and trees


What if there is no death?
How do you know
Only from others buried beneath this snow?
While new grass grows
Atop mounds of dirt
He would have given his shirt
Even in the cold
Brothers in arms
Gave out such harm
To sons of other mothers
Because of a code

Now just alone
Beneath the ground
In this grove
What did we fight for?
For children to play
In such a place
As this
With toy soldiers
Playacting as us?

Is there honor
In sisters burying brothers?
Promises of Valhalla
Lured them to an early shallow place
Sorry to say
Singing “Amazing Grace”
Does not save
The wretching like us
On our knees
With muttered pleas
Many to a long dead saint
Named Jesus
Who cannot appease us
He is gone as well
And cannot save us from this hell
A crisis of faith
I renounce it as a myth
But with a powerful message
So listen to this
The kingdom of heaven is within

A small pocket bible stays with him
Along with rifle
Laying with his remains
The hymn now strikes
The refrain
As tears descend
For a fallen comrade
Ever and again it is said
A still, small voice in your head
What if there is no death?
Do you remember its gate?
Why such a fate?

At the world’s fair
She seemed to stare
Right through to my soul
She was a gypsy
Who knew
Of many mysteries
My palms she took
And then stroked
Life lines
Broken in two
She said I would
See a light
And from this flight
I would be weary
So I would rest
For what seems like a century
Or two, whatever I need
Before once again I see
This land, in time
Through the eyes of a child

And we shall pick up dolls
Turn tree branches into guns
Run from there to here
Laughing, climbing, witty, clever
She who becomes like a little child
Will not die
Living on
Anon and ever
My brother
Lives forever


Are you really someone else?
When you look at me
It is like through a glass
As I lean next to the window to see
A pleasing outdoor scene
To you I am in another room

I am the other I presume
But what of you?
From my view I see you too
Is it you there?
Is it you?

It feels just like two
Of us in here
I cannot know what you think
Although you do
Tell me things

It is not true
That I can be put in your shoes
Or see from your perspective
That view is protected
Locked away in a vault
No one to fault

It is just this way
Why I dare not say
But I do declare this
What have we missed?
Why is the onlooker fixed?

In one place
Looking out from these eyes
Never from another’s, just trapped in mine?

Spiders spin their silks
And drape them over eyelids still
A creative force
It is which stores
Us here amid
Our illusions

Sticking to this web
Do not step on
The arachnid
Sitting at the loom
For it is not all doom

It can be tamed
And the veil can be named
Now lifting up
To the brow
The other eye
Between and above
The set
Awakens from its rest

Peers through strands
Unphased by shadows dancing on the walls
A twilight state
Is evoked
To unmake
What was shown
Before as true
Pierced now through
Wounded healer anew

Can revel
In opening doors of the cellar
It is I, the other
Who sees my many selves
Behind the eyes
Of people
And creatures
Whose stories
They tell

As their reader
I stop suspending the believer
And realize they would all end
Fates are set in my hands
If I were not here
To witness
And steer
Down this road

Caught in the flow
Firefly now in front of me glows
Finally can see the web
Not blinded
Snipping through eyelids
Sewn shut in their binding

The pure light a shadow creates
When forms among it seem to shape
However not dominant
Or fixed
A temporary spell

An anomaly
Breaks through

When I see you
And remember
That in there
Sits beyond the silk

Myself as well