There is still hope for you

He does not want pity but true is true

Do not end up like him

Take a look at it

Right in the eye

Keep in mind

That his state

Is but one step away

The limbo of a discarded man

Laying out his empty plans

But only longing for his past

Mourning still for what has passed

Did he trespass? No

His crime was to know

Too much, too close

For those who must bury their heads below

The ground, below reason and freedom to be

Something new

Forging own path, that is he

Could not stay

In that parade

It was only the 4th way

Taken as betrayal

Yet others will eventually follow

Not monk, yogi, or fakir

There is no one here

Like he, there cannot be

When one comes undone and looks for where they are from

A solemn, solitary journey

Much forlorning

To be alone while being the whole

While others grasp at a ghostly soul

He strips it all away

Nothing stays

But all remains

He haunts the world

A shadow of a man

Doing what he can

Never enough

Always judged

Damned if he does

Damned if he does not

Take heed, give it thought

This pathless path is not for all

Stay in your illusions

Tranquilize and set in motion

A boxed in life with medicine

By your side

To dull the pain

Stay in a slumber state

At least you will not be cast out

For what is seen as treasonous doubt

Standing up to fascism

Will get you imprisoned

Who is more free?

You or he?

It is up to thee

But this he imparts

Why not

Enjoy your slumber

Until the thief comes in the night and robs you of it?

Take heed from he

Who like a leper

From society was severed

It is not too late

To avoid such a fate

You can live a life protected

And not become defected

In the open field

Once the sword is out it cannot be sheathed

There is a price to pay

To enter the way of no way