Goodbye democracy
You weren’t for me
Ultimately I just wanted power and greed
To the few, the proud, by Oligarchy
It started as sweet
But turned very sour
When we bailed you out
And you gave us the keys to the tower
Now late is your hour
So pack your things
Back to your naive ideals cling
The crownless will never be king
Not on this earth
There is no middle
This is where man is run by some others’ wealth
Forget about balance
And don’t rely on talent
Play the game and conform
To the dollar, the norm
Or wash out offshore
Where the papers were signed
To make you mine
Yes mine to kill off
As your source, your reserve
Which to maintain demands serfs
Under cover of war
If many must die
By strikes imprecise
So be it to maintain our rise
That of the few who play the game best
The elite, the chosen, forget the rest
On the shoulders of giants we may well stand
Whose fortunes unchecked went
Until cancerous grew
And ate up the sustainable land
Its riches overspent
But in denial we choose to stay
Because for now vast pay day
Is all ours
Hoping karma is farce
Betting against the wager of Pascal
On deathbed we will repent
As our only bet
Don’t hate us democracy
You we could still be
But have you seen how revered are we?
No longer are you the American dream
It’s fame, fortune and all about the me
So don’t blame us, you turned the other cheek
Like the one you worship who we uphold
As a tool to control, a fall guy, a reason
To convince you of enemies, unseen just like him
Who happen to have their weight in gold
Which we need to feed the machine
You let us became a war economy
See you later democracy
Not because we no longer like your cover
But because there’s no room for another
It’s in the open now
Only space for so many fat cows
In the best fields while the rest are chopped up and fed to us
Forget that it causes disease
You’re running off steam, let us take the lead
We have the means
You’ll at least get the scraps
It could be worse but remember
It’s not you, it’s me
And I must stay in my slumber
Like when one dumps a lover
Knowing they are selfish
Yet still cuts them loose with no respect
That’s what we’re doing yes
But try to understand
You sold your soul, it was a fool’s guess
That it would turn out different
It was by your hand
By past decisions to be magnificent
For a time that is
Until here comes the bill
Every empire has fallen, to this day still
So will we but what you don’t see
Is that we don’t care, we play behind the scenes
The next game we’ll take up
Under different flag and creed
Will you ever catch on that there is nothing but fiction?
No, probably not because we squash humanism
Which is to think freely and that we cannot have
So we’ll smear you and tell you stories instead
To which you thunderously applaud
Because see, you wanted that all along
To not think, but hand over the wheel
We steered it and now you complain upon arrival?
What madness is that? You told us to drive!
So we simply obliged
Okay, this has gone on too long
But since it’s too late we can be more and more transparent
We’ll still blame it on you, our solemn goodbye is a ruse
We know in reality it’s nothing but rude
Reality though isn’t within our intelligence clearance
We’d have to evolve to see that
But that scares us
Just let us use power, spend money and think not of death
We can afford not to, it’s your role to see this
Again sorry, here’s your pink slip
It was just downsizing, you’ll again get your grip
Just not here, this slope has been slipped
Thanks for your service
But no gold watch, that’s for certain
Just be glad you’re not being held for treason
By simply showing that can’t have humanism
You don’t get a fair trial
When you embarrass us
That’s not how a mob enforces
Really I’ve said too much
But it’s far too tempting
You went right off the cliff like a lemming
And we can’t help but laugh
Sorry, it’s not funny
But there is some irony
Come on and pick up your feet
Look at it this way:
You now know what to avoid
Don’t go for capitalism next time
Instead go for nickels and dimes
Spread out to all
A whole overhaul
Will that ever happen?
It’s your call Cap’n
Okay, sorry we have another meeting
So you best be fleeing
Us old rich white guys are so busy
Playing even older games and still winning
You haven’t evolved, your head is still spinning
Adios, sayanara, are those terms correct?
Ah who cares, we only need speak English
What was it again?
One nation? How silly!
You eventually agreed to favor the bully
Democracy, here’s your pink slip
So we can pay for our shit
Not on account of any lack
Only for the sake of cutbacks


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