In never ending Calamity
Is where I find real me

Amidst rapid cycling mixed state
Invisible master awaits

Letting go
Surrendering to flow

Who once was Squire now is Knight
Peace even while still in fight

Wearing myriad masks
Pawn and Queen both to the last

Taking up arms when needed
At last call has been heeded

Eye of the maelstrom
Knows exactly where it is from

Calm even in great pain
Freedom gained to not strain

Phenomena goes on by
Now with wings earned can I fly

While others clamor relax the tension
With foot in all worlds this is my ascension

No matter what I’ll be fine
Bittersweet calamity mine

It has been called Samsara, the suffering
Now seen to also be Nirvana, the awakening

Both and neither
All out of the ether

My pain makes me a god
No, not a fraud

To consciously be in the nightmare-dream
No longer swimming upstream

Creator and creation merge
And in one fell surge

Playing out the pieces on the board
Only for fun keeping score

Every war is civil
No matter what the sigil

Same player there
Fumbling through solitaire

Can’t lose or win
From sainthood to sin

In heart of that calamity for now
Is where I can be found

Discovered just in time
That it is mine

Bittersweet calamity mine


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